2010 - present
2010 - present



CSI (5)                                                Rec. Guest Star                                 CBS Dir. Alec Smight

Hit the Floor                                     Co-Star                                               VH1 Dir. Bille Woodruff

State of Affairs                                 Co-Star                                                NBC Dir. Ben Bray

Stalker                                               Co-Star                                               CBS Dir. Liz Friedlander

The Mentalist                                   Co-Star                                               CBS Dir. Paul Kaufman

MOM                                                Co-Star                                               CBS Dir. Ted Wass

Raising Hope                                    Co-Star                                               FOX Dir. Rebecca Asher

Bones                                                Co-Star                                               FOX Dir. Dwight Little

Dexter                                               Co-Star                                               SHOWTIME Dir. Keith Gordon

Off Their Rockers                             Co-Star                                               NBC Dir. Paul Miller

The Whole Truth                              Co-Star                                               ABC Dir. Jeffrey Hunt

Trading Eights                                  Rec. Guest Star                                  NEW MEDIA Dir. Bailey Kobe

Split Ends (Lew The Barber)            Guest Star                                          Style Network


Kings                                                  Supporting                                         Dir. Deniz Gamze Erguven

Padlock Men                                     Lead                                                    Tree of Life Pics & Film

Squatters                                           Supporting                                         SONY/ Dir. Martin Weisz

Beauty In the Broken                        Lead (w/Chris Gilbert Payne)            Dir. Max Leonida

5 Minutes                                           Supporting                                         Dir. Roman Michael

Heads or Tails           AMEX              Supporting                                         ANONYMOUS CONTENT /Dir. Shyam Madiraju

On the Job Training                         Supporting                                         Dir: Geff Zamor

How 2 Build A Rapper                      Lead                                                   Vanguard Cinema

919                                                      Lead                                                   Anacost  Films

Urban Killaz: Blood Bills                   Lead                                                    York Entertainment

How We Do (Music Video)               Lead (w/Mo’Nique)                           Col-Beast Ent.



Billboard Magazine                    Top 100 singles chart #80

America’s Next Top Model        “Go Shawty” placement  


THEATRE – (additional theatre upon request)

Piano Lesson                                        Boy Willie                                           Crampton Auditorium

Miss Twiddle And the                          Devil Harry                                         12th St. Playhouse



John Rosenfeld Studios Judith Weston Television Master Class Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Playhouse Scene Study Los Angeles, ACS sitcom training, Kat Shea Technique & Improv Los Angeles, AIDA Cold Reading/ Scene Study Los Angeles, Ivan S. Markota Scene Study/Bus. Of Acting Los Angeles, Jeff Sable  Improv/Comedy Los Angeles, Howard University Theatre Washington


SPECIAL SKILLS Celebrity Master Barber aka “Lew The Barber”  (ex. of clients “graced by the tools” 50 cent, Dwayne Wade, John Singleton, Outkast, Chris Paul CP3, Master P, David Koechner, Rockmund Dunbar to name a few started at 13yrs old, Barbershop sh*t talking (lol), Music producer & studio engineer , Demolitionist & Light weapon firearms, traveling.